Record-breaking 227 Applications Received for 10 Impactful Categories at the 2023 SLASSCOM Ingenuity Awards

May 23, 2023




The SLASSCOM Ingenuity Awards is a highly anticipated annual event in Sri Lanka that celebrates and acknowledges the creativity and ingenuity of various individuals and organizations across different sectors. This event provides a platform for schools, universities, startups, and established companies to showcase their innovative products and solutions that aim to solve real-world challenges. Through this event, SLASSCOM aims to foster a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship in Sri Lanka and inspire others to develop innovative solutions to address the complex challenges faced by the country and the world.


This year’s Ingenuity Awards have received an overwhelming response from across the island, with a total of 227 applications from schools, universities, start-ups, and established enterprises.  After careful consideration, the judges have chosen over 30 provincial winners who have demonstrated outstanding innovation in their respective fields. These provincial winners will compete in the national finals where only 20 finalists will be selected to showcase their innovative solutions and products at the 2023 awards ceremony. This prestigious ceremony will be held on the 16th of June 2023 at the Shangri-La Hotel in Colombo, and will be live-streamed across the world, providing an opportunity for audiences worldwide to witness the celebration of innovation and creativity.


The Ingenuity Awards will highlight ten award categories this year, which have been carefully designed to recognize the most creative and innovative solutions across different industries. These categories include Best Disruptive Product Innovation, which celebrates groundbreaking products that have the potential to change the way we live and work. The Best Client Delivery Innovation category focuses on innovative solutions that improve client experience and satisfaction. The Best Innovation in Internal Processes, Technology or Framework category recognizes processes that improve business productivity and efficiency.

A notable award category is the Best Startup, which serves as a platform to acknowledge and encourage emerging businesses with creative and innovative solutions. This category recognizes the potential and value of startups in driving economic growth through their innovative ideas and solutions. The award aims to provide support and recognition to these startups, helping them to establish their presence in the market and pave the way for their continued success.

The categories of Best Innovative Product/Project – University and Best Innovative Product/Project – School have been established to encourage students to unleash their creativity and develop innovative solutions that address real-world problems. The Ingenuity Awards recognize the potential of young minds in contributing to innovation and development and these categories are a testament to the event’s commitment to nurturing and promoting the next generation of innovators.

The Woman Technopreneur of the Year award is a category that honors exceptional female entrepreneurs who have made significant contributions in the technology industry. The award seeks to promote gender diversity and inclusion in the field of technology and to encourage more women to pursue careers in this sector. It recognizes the valuable role that women play in driving innovation and creating new opportunities in the tech industry.

The Awards will also include two categories dedicated to celebrating the innovative use of Business Process Management (BPM) technologies that will comprise of the BPM Company with the Best Project and with the Best Technology Use.

The “Tech for Good” Software Innovation category acknowledges and encourages solutions that make a positive contribution to society and the environment and aims to promote innovative ideas that use technology to create a beneficial societal impact.

Sysco Labs is the primary sponsor of the event and for the Best Disruptive Product Innovation and Best Client Delivery Innovation awards, with additional support from Nagarro for the Woman Technopreneur of the Year award, Acentura (Pvt) Limited for the Best Innovation in Internal Processes, Technology/Framework award, Sana Commerce for the Best Product/Project University award, Covalent Systems for the Best Startup award, HSenid for the Best “tech for good” software innovation award, and BCS as the sponsor for the Best Product/Project School award.


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